Do I need eye protection?

Eye protection is required by law. The eyelid when closed does not effectively block ultraviolet light. So be prepared to use approved eye protection each time you tan.

Do I really need to use tanning lotion?

Yes. The use of indoor tanning lotion will increase the efficiency of the tanning process. It helps with the absorption of UVA and UVB, allows tanning results to be faster and extends the life of your tan. Our staff will recommend the appropriate tanning lotion for you depending on your tanning needs.

What should I wear when I tan?

That is entirely up the client since you are in a private room. The danger of overexposure to sun-sensitive areas that are not normally exposed to ultraviolet light should be gradually exposed each tanning session for the “no tan lines” look.

How often do I need to tan in order to maintain my tan?

The number of times you tan to maintain you color depends on how well you tan, what type of equipment you use when tanning and what type of lotion you use when tanning. The average person tans about 2-3 times per week to maintain their color after developing their base tan. Remember, tanning is a process and will be different for everyone depending on their skin type. Ask our staff for a suggestion if you have reached this point in tanning.

Will I burn?

Burning is the enemy. Burning can cause photo damage, premature aging, sunspots and peeling of the skin and should be avoided. Tanning time should be done in moderation and the use of tanning lotion should be used to reduce burning.

How can I get darker if I have reached the “tanning plateau”?

Use a tanning lotion when tanning, either switch from accelerator to bronzing or bronzing to tingle products. Try a different level of bed or booth to increase the tanning results. This means from regular to high-pressure models or between lay down and stand up models that will give you different levels of UVA and UVB exposure.

What is a “tanning cocktail tan”?

This is the use of any level of UV tanning bed with a Mystic Tan Accelerator or Hydrator sample and then a Mystic HD spray session. This will make you look like you just returned from an exotic vacation.

Can I still wear make-up while tanning?

Make-up, deodorant and perfumes can interfere with ultraviolet rays and tanning lotions. Try not to wear them since many of today’s products now contain sunscreens.

Can I still tan if I am taking medications?

Talk with your doctor before tanning. Some medications can be weakened or make your skin more sun-sensitive than before. A sunless session would be a good option until you have finished all medication.

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