Once school starts back, it can be tough for parents to find free time because of all of the after-school activities your children are involved in. It’s important that you have a little bit of “me” time, so try squeezing in a trip to Southern Rays Tanning during your lunch break or in the evenings.

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little time away to relax to get back into the swing of things. And what better way to do this than to come to one of our indoor tanning salons. If time is a factor, here are some tips on how to get in and out of a Southern Rays Tanning location as quickly as possible, but still come out relaxed, rejuvenated, and looking good.

Even if you spend the maximum time in the Bronze Level beds,that’s only 20 minutes.And if you’re really in a rush and the bed you usually go into has a wait, lay in one of our high-powered beds like the Platinum or Diamond beds. When you enroll in Southern Rays Tanning Club Rays you are given upgrade to use at any time.
You get great color in a shorter tanning session, so you can tan, eat lunch, and get back to work on time.


Try a Mystic Hd sunless tanning session, less than a minute from start to finish to complete,and the color lasts for 6-8 days.Your first sunless session with Southern Rays Tanning is only $9.99 and thats any color level.Try one Today!!

So make time for yourself “Today ” and keep that “TAN” all

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year long. Happy Tanning!!