New Year, New You!! We have the perfect treat for you every monday,it’s Mystic Mondays! Each Monday  you can enjoy a Mystic HD Spray Tan, Any color Level  for only $15 .

Our sunless tanning booths is a one-of-a-kind sunless treat. With the sunless session you have the option of 4 color levels,Tan that last 7-8 days,3 to 5 shades darker tanning results,New air brush technology,Pre heats solution for a more enjoyable session and Dries you automatically for longer lasting tan

Remember, 50% Off  Spray Tans  can only be purchased and used on Mondays.Limit one per client ,per week. Don’t forget to Achieve Flawless Results  follow these Sunless Tips!

1) Client should have skin prepared before having a sunless session. This means remove any excess oil and have exfoliated, clean dry skin.
2) Avoid perfume, body spray, moisturizers, immediately before and after sunless session.
3) Hair should be kept up and out of the way with clips or hair caps.
4)Lip balm is recommended to avoid solution on the lips.
5)Barrier cream is required on fingernails, toenails and on areas where sunless tanning is undesired. May be used on elbows, knees palms and heels.
6)Avoid bathing/showering for 6-8 hours after a sunless session.
7)Avoid any workouts, running, spas/hot tubs for 6-8 hours after a sunless session.
8)If rainy or snowy weather, must have rain jacket, coat or umbrella to protect you skin after a sunless session.
9)Please watch viedo to see how to achieve flawless results at

 Happy Spray Tanning!